Keep a Written Record to Protect Your Youth Ministry

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Keep a Written Record to Protect Your Youth Ministry

In youth ministry, there are many things that can happen to call your decision-making into question. Working with youth puts you on the front lines with a people group who are masters as manipulating information and presenting a less-than-complete account of what happens in any given event. In today's legal climate, this can be a recipe for disaster for your youth ministry if you are not prepared to answer unfounded accusations or the misrepresentation of facts.

Keep a copy of everything in your ministry. Emails, voicemail recordings, even text messages can be misused if someone is unhappy with the way you have handled a given situation.

Also, try keeping a log of anything that happens that could be significant or lead to a misunderstanding. Mark down times and dates of important phone calls, and any pertinent information from the conversation. When you observe students putting themselves in compromising situations, write it down. The more complete the information you have is, the better prepared you are to answer those who might challenge your decision making or authority.



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