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The Christian Life is Lived by Loving

Jesus loved people. He told people that there were two great commandments: love God with all your heart, and love people like you love yourself. It only makes sense then that the best way to live like Jesus is to love people.

Look for ways to extend love to the people around you. Tweak your attitude by focusing on giving rather than taking, and by reaching out to those around you who appear lonely or in need.

Here are a few ways you can always be ready to show love to people.

1. Keep an extra $20 with you to take someone out who looks lonely. Extend your friendship to him and he will see the love of Jesus in you.

2. Make a habit of treating all people the same, whether you know them or not. Treat strangers like you know and care about them.

3. Give deference to someone in line at the grocery store.

These are just a few ideas of ways you can show love by putting other people in front of you.


Don't Shun Those Who Don't Believe What You Do

One of the biggest mistakes a person can make in his or her comings and goings is to write off those who don't have the same belief system that they do.

If we are called to love one another, and called to represent Jesus in this world, then we must engage the world the way Jesus did. Jesus did not shut people out who needed help. In fact, the only onees he did stand vehemently against were the Jewish leaders who treated the poor and outcast as lepers (see Luke 15 for an example).

Spend time with those who don't have the same belief system you do, and treat them as people just like you. It is ok to note the differences, and necessary for you to stand for what you believe, but it is also necessary for you to love and love well. Be humble enough to know that you are really no better than those people except by the grace of God, and treat them like kings.

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