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How can I improve my image and gain more credibility?

The Treasure of a Good Reputation

A good name is to be treasured. This is one of the best tips any spiritual mentor can share with someone. Many aspects of life can be restored easily and recovery is the rule of the day but a good reputation is a gift from God and it should be guarded at all cost because once it is gone, it can be tremendously difficult to get back.

Consider your credit profile for example. You can be the best customer in the world and fall from grace within a month or two due to job loss or unexpected medical bills. Another example of the precious nature of your good name is the power of a rumor or lie. Either of these malicious tales can cause irreparable distress and trouble for the person involved. Again, as much as you can always consider your actions and alliances, and guard your heart, strong mind and soul against false accusations is essential.

You may wonder how this might be lived out. One example would be to always behave in a way that is honorable rather than not. Be mannerly and polite, and respect the rights of others. Try not to align yourself with people of questionable ethics and habits; always take the high road.


Choosing a Spiritual Mentor

How to Choose a Spiritual Mentor

We were meant to be built up by others. There is something in our makeup that allows us to be pushed, challenged, and grown by the influence of someone who is older and wiser than we are.

Take advantage of this by finding a spiritual mentor who can guide you in your own personal growth. Whether you are 15 or 45, you can benefit from the input that an older man or woman can give you.

When looking for a mentor, find someone who:

1. lives like Jesus

2. is older than you

3. loves you, but is not impressed by you

Try to find someone who fits these qualities, and approach them to obtain their guidance in your spiritual growth.

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