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You Don't Have to Go Overseas to Reach Out

When people talk about being missional or reaching out to people, most often they are talking about going overseas to do some grand work project. While this can be good, it often clouds the issue of reaching out to the people around us.

Put the people closest to you first. If you really care about being like Jesus, you will want them to see who He is just as much as you want the poor orphans and widows in Honduras to see Him.

Engage people, but don't be a throat-shoving, Bible-thumping, obnoxious religious jerk.

Jesus reached out to people by speaking the truth while loving people. He cared enough about them to be patient with their failings and disbelief, and to accept them even when they didn't match up to His standard.

Do the same, and see the Light of Jesus reach out to those around you.

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