The Core Models for Good Youth Ministry Volunteers

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The Core Models for Good Youth Ministry Volunteers

If there's one battle that youth pastors fight constantly, it is the fight to find good, quality volunteers. Youth pastors need volunteer staff that they can count on, and lots of them. It takes some real manpower to run a youth ministry, and the right help can make all the difference.

If you are considering jumping into a student ministry, or if you are a youth pastor looking for the right kind of people to staff your own ministry, consider these three roles:

Task Agents - These volunteers take up a specific, time-sensitive role in youth ministries. Once their job is done, their ministry to the kids goes on hold until they are needed once again. Think about van drivers, providers of snacks, and greeters for Sunday mornings.

Relational Volunteers - A much more flexible role for volunteers in a youth ministry is that of the relational volunteer. These people spend time really getting to know the kids on a deep level, and are good at connecting with student issues. These people do not have to be the "cool" college student; in fact, it is better to get more seasoned leaders who speak with authority into the lives of your students.

Volunteer Coaches - The more experienced of your relational volunteers can also serve as coaches and guides to the other volunteers by providing their experience, wisdom, and temperance to the situations of the less-seasoned leaders.



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